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Prescriptions & Refills

Due to the guidelines governing prescription medications and the need to avoid hazardous drug interactions, all prescription refills must be handled during regular office hours when medical staff is available to pull your records. We recommend that you (or your pharmacist) call our office to request a refill at least 48 hours before you finish your prescription. You must provide all pertinent information about your prescription as well as the name and number of your pharmacy.

All refill requests are reviewed by a physician, and then either approved or denied. Our office staff will promptly contact you.

Disability Paperwork

These forms will usually take up to 10 business days and there is a $15 charge due at the time the forms are picked up. Please be aware, that we cannot complete the appropriate documentation without the patient first completing a post-operative visit

Request for medical records

In the event that you need a copy of your medical records faxed to another physician, please give us notice of at least 3-4 business days. If you would like to obtain your medical records for yourself, there is a fee of .75 cents per page that will be applied and due at the time the paperwork is picked up. All requests must be made and picked up by the patient and will take up to 10 business days.

Test Results

It is important that our patients are well informed and obtain the results of any tests that have been performed. Pathology results typically take up to 72 hours and Sonogram results are given at the conclusion of your vascular studies. As a general rule, please make a follow-up appointment approximately 1 week from your testing/procedure to receive your test results – test results are not given over the phone.

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